John & Alexandria – Harborside Financial Center Wedding, Jersey city

Ja 0068There isn’t much I can say about Alex & John’s wedding that isn’t completely obvious in their photos, so I’ll keep it short and to the point.  Amazing people, amazing locations, amazing wedding.  That’s all you need to know.


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Really like your dancefloor shot.

Stunning work DP – it’s been a while since I stopped by your blog but this wedding is immense. You get better and better!

So much great stuff here! The portraits between the walls, that hairspray shot – great work!

What a gorgeous couple! The formal portraits are stunning. Lovely work!

Beautiful use of light! I love the shots between the walls with the couple. And the ring bearers…adorable!

So so so good! Your reception lighting is especially killer… and there’s that bridal portrait that made my jaw hit the floor… you know which one. Holy shit.

Eric Carle Museum Wedding – Kaitlyn & Anand

KA 0041I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, my clients totally have a knack for picking out amazing wedding locations.  Kaitlyn & Anand upped the ante by getting married at the Eric Carle Museum in Amhurst, MA. You’re definitely familiar with Eric Carle, he wrote and illustrated “The Hungry Caterpillar”, but I digress.  Luckily for me, their wedding lived up to their venue, a gathering of people from literally all over the world came together to celebrate with them.  Weddings like this make my job very easy, and also a ton of fun.

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awesome as usual, Dennis, I love your style! I especially love the black and white with the motion blur just as they’re going in for the kiss, that’s probably one of my favorite photos EVER.

Southwest Road Trip

RT 0056

As I have said I like to keep my blog very wedding-centric, but this needs to be posted.  The first week & a half of June, my friend Owen and I took a trip to the Southwest.  We started in Vegas, rented a convertible, and drove. 700 miles in 9 days.  First stop was the Grand Canyon, followed by Page, Arizona, then to Zion National Park and then back to Vegas.  The trip was seriously unbelievable.  We hiked something like 40 miles, camped out, risked our lives for insane views more than once, and took a ton of photos.  I’m going to go into more detail further down the post about specific locations, if you feel like skipping those parts and just looking at photos, feel free.  So, here are some of my favorite photos, and believe me, there are a TON more. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a coffee table book from these.  So, folks, do yourself a favor, take a week or two, grab a friend & take a road trip.

As I said, first stop was the Grand Canyon, as well as some photos along the way.  One of those things you just have to see at least once in your life.

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From there We drove a couple hours to Page Arizona, and the Lake Powell area.  A couple things I needed to see were the slot Canyons in Page, and Horseshoe Bend just outside of town.RT 0022RT 0045

I wanted to include the following behind the scenes photo.  This is where I had my tripod set up.  You see it’s only a few inches from the edge, just over that edge is 1000 ft straight down.  One of the scariest photos I have ever taken… well it was, till I got to Zion

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Next we drove a few more hours to Zion National Park, which is the most impressive place I have ever been in my life.  I could see myself making a yearly pilgrimage to there… it’s that amazing.  The photos do not do it justice.

RT 0046RT 0047RT 0048RT 0049RT 0050RT 0051RT 0052RT 0053RT 0054RT 0057RT 0058

The following set is from when we hiked to a place called Angel’s Landing.  It’s that peak at the left of the photo.  It is considered one of the 7 craziest hikes on the planet. 6 people have died attempting this hike in the last 10 years. There are parts where the trail is only a few feet wide and it’s a 1480 ft drop straight down on either side (that’s higher than the Empire State Building for reference) .  And there are no fences.  There are some chains you can hold onto, but they are on the non-certain death side of the trail.  I included a couple iphone photos from this hike, because I was not going to stop to take my camera out of my backpack at those spots.

RT 0059RT 0060RT 0061RT 0062

This is the view from the top.  Totally worth it.

RT 0063I’m not much for “selfies” but I thought this spot deserved oneRT 0064RT 0065RT 0066

Here’s one of the iphone photos on our way down. Gives you an idea of what the trail was likeRT 0079And I couldn’t resist a victory photo at the end next to the warning sign.RT 0078

After Angel’s Landing, we had to go check out a place called The Narrows.  You basically just hike through the Virgin River between the canyon walls.  A good portion of this hike you are hiking thigh deep IN the river.

RT 0067RT 0068RT 0069RT 0070RT 0071RT 0072RT 0073RT 0074

So that was Zion, hopefully I can make it back soon.  On the way back to Vegas, we stopped at Valley of Fire state park.  we didn’t spend much time there because it was 107 degrees and we were tired.

RT 0075RT 0076RT 0077

So that was the trip.  Again, I highly recommend you get out and do something like this too.  Hope you enjoyed.  Back to weddings for the next post.

I’m stuck at homebase for the next 4 months, and these photos are not helping my wanderlust. Nope, not one bit. Looks like a freaking amazing, life changing trip, Dennis! I’ll be revisiting these photos when I start planning my next adventure. :)

such a sick road trip. nice work man.

The desert is full of life and beauty. You did a fantastic job capturing that Dennis!!

These photos are stunning! They make me want to go on an adventure. :)

These are incredible. I’ve seen many of these places either in real life or photos, but your view of them is just incredible.

Okay, so I’m jealous now. These are gorgeousness.

Absolute crackers in there mate, awesome!

Love these, especially the first one and the horseshoe bend. Such a beautiful area, I follow a nature photographer from the area, Michael Dalberti, so these are familiar places to me. I hope to visit someday too!

Amazing photographs. Just exactly what I need to make the wife to book the flights to US at last. Thank you :-)

What a landscape, have to visit one day!


Awesome shots! Owens looking very hunter Thompsonesque!

Woa, looks like an awesome time!!! There are friggin incredible!

Beautiful! From start to finish. I actually came to the USA in Jan and did a road trip from Vegas to see the grand canyon. Couldn’t find it in the end but had fun non the less! Next time…

Freaking awesome. Let me know if you set up any of these prints for purchase. You inspire me to actually love my state instead of just complaining of its heat & brown-ness.

Linda & Doug – Cedar Lakes Estate Wedding

LD 0041

I know I have said this before, but my clients have a knack for choosing breath taking locations to get married.  Linda & Doug were no exception to this.  It’s even more impressive considering they both live in California.  When the bride & groom travel 3000 miles for their wedding, you know people are definitely going to be coming from all over the world for their wedding.  And not a single person was disappointed, it was an amazing wedding all around.  There only two facial expressions I saw that day, a huge grin, or tears of joy.


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Dude. These are stellar! Love that first look over the lake. Lovely stuff.

Gorgeous shots from the dock…I love your perspective!!

Wow. The reflection on the lake in the first look images is perfect. Great work Dennis (as per usual)! Genius

What a ceremony scene! Nice lighting during getting ready. Beautiful all around imagery.

What a dress, what a wedding … absolutely gorgeous! Nice work Dennis :)

Great set. Love the B/W

I love those ceremony pics. Gorgeous absolute!

Whaaaaaaa??? I can’t even, this is just incredible. My favorite of your work, saying you killed it is an understatement.

I especially love that beautifully lit bridal portrait… you know which one I’m talking about.


Dave & Nicole – Wedding at the Ryland Inn

DN 0116

Dave & Nicole literally could not be more awesome.  Every interaction I have had with them has been an absolute blast. The other great thing ab out Dave & Nicole is they did not let the crummy weather on their wedding day bring them down.  They just embraced it and had one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to.  So let that be a lesson to everyone, don’t let the rain bring you down, just roll with it and enjoy the hell out of the day.  Strap in, this is an epic wedding.


DN 0001DN 0002DN 0003DN 0004DN 0005DN 0006DN 0007DN 0008DN 0009DN 0010DN 0011DN 0012DN 0013DN 0014DN 0015DN 0017DN 0018DN 0019DN 0020DN 0021DN 0022DN 0023DN 0024DN 0025DN 0026DN 0027DN 0028DN 0029DN 0030DN 0032DN 0033DN 0034DN 0035DN 0036DN 0037DN 0038DN 0039DN 0040DN 0041DN 0042DN 0043DN 0044DN 0045DN 0046DN 0047DN 0049DN 0050DN 0052DN 0054DN 0055DN 0056DN 0057DN 0058DN 0060DN 0061DN 0062DN 0063DN 0064DN 0065DN 0066DN 0067DN 0068DN 0069DN 0071DN 0072DN 0073DN 0074DN 0075DN 0076DN 0077DN 0078DN 0079DN 0080DN 0081DN 0082DN 0083DN 0084DN 0085DN 0086DN 0087DN 0088DN 0089DN 0090DN 0091DN 0092DN 0093DN 0094DN 0095DN 0096DN 0097DN 0098DN 0099DN 0100DN 0101DN 0102DN 0103DN 0104DN 0105DN 0106DN 0107DN 0108DN 0109DN 0110DN 0111DN 0112DN 0113DN 0114DN 0115DN 0117DN 0118DN 0119DN 0120DN 0121DN 0122DN 0123DN 0124DN 0125DN 0126DN 0127DN 0128DN 0129DN 0130DN 0131DN 0132DN 0133DN 0134DN 0135DN 0136DN 0137

Wow that early black and white of the bride looking out of the window with the dress flowing behind her, exquisite.

Amazing. This first image is so great

So much energy and emotion in this set Dennis. Amazing job!

Great work Dennis. That first frame is one of my favourite frames of the year so far, stunning.

Congrats to the happy couple, they look so beautiful together! Beautiful portraits and storytelling.

This is incredible all around. You rock dude!

Love that last sparkler frame! Great coverage Dennis!

Top notch work as always, great job Dennis

Absolutely amazing wedding and beautifully captured! Nice one Dennis!

WOW – Just looked through this 3 times – amazing photos. How cool is that sky! The rain shot is perfection

Dennis your flash work is masterful. These are incredible photos.

great work dennis – you captured some amazing emotions and moments and i love the shot in the rain with the flare coming through

So beautiful, Dennis! I especially love that you captured so much emotion in their portraits. They look so happy and comfortable and in love :)

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