Best of 2014!

I’m not sure where to begin with this.  2014 was the craziest, busiest, and best year of my career.  It absolutely flew by and I can’t believe its over already.  Although, I’m already looking forward to 2015 and what that may bring. Also, a little side note, I’m posting my best of before I have actually had the chance to post some full weddings from 2014 on the blog, but if I had waited till then, the best of post wouldn’t be up till late February, and it wouldn’t be very topical then, would it?  Anyway, there are some people I need to thank.  Garret Torres and Casey White, integral parts of the team.  The good people at Phottix for making me part of their team and letting me test out all sorts of fun toys for them.  The folks at Popular Photography, The Huffington Post, Offbeat Bride,  The Weather Channel, and F Yeah Gay Weddings for publishing photos of mine.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to all of my clients for trusting me to capture your weddings and for just being amazing people.  It’s all of you that really make me love what I do.

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The spiral staircase in the castle, the water fountain, and the bird’s eye view of the stone alleyway are jaw-droppingly beautiful. I also especially liked the shot with the couple wrapped in a quilt, the black and white shot of the kids in a pew, and the bride at the memorial. Incredible work, as always.


Dude. Just. F-mazing.

You had an amazing year, Dennis. I’m a bit spoiled because I see your work so often, so I’m not surprised with how great of a post this is, but you really have grown as a photographer since Steve and I met you a few years back, and that’s crazy exciting to watch. Good luck in 2015, I know you’ll kill it.

Thea & David – Spring Hill Manor, Rising Sun Maryland Wedding



TD 0052You can’t talk about Thea & David’s wedding without first mentioning their amazing venue, a converted barn space in rural Maryland, one of the most unique places I have ever shot a wedding.  It was perfectly fitting for them, they did everything their way and paid no attention to the conventions they didn’t want to, for example, they got ready in the same room together, there was a portable petting zoo for the children in attendance (adults too, who doesn’t like baby pigs?)   They also gave me a ton of creative freedom, they just wanted awesome photos, and said I could do whatever I wanted to make that happen.  This was seriously an amazing wedding, and it was a privilege to be a part of it.  Also shout out to Elissa R for recommending me!


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No one has ever captured the spirit of Spring Hill Manor as well as you did. Absolutely beautiful work !

I do hope that you will be returning to Spring Hill Manor

Jamie 410-658-3815

So much love and so much fun!

Sarah Jacklin

I love Thea. I love David. I love Dauid and Thea. Your wedding was beautiful and I cherished the ability to see old friends.

Another beautifully shot wedding! I really love the connection between the couple and how you’ve documented it. Those frames as the sun is setting are so whimsical! (processing is right on point too). PLUS a baby pig! So good Dennis – so good!

Always love what you do Dennis, but more importantly, I LOVE this bride’s style. She nailed it!

I wish this wedding was my wedding because I love it so much. That bride is the cutest thing ever and you covered this so darn well. Really beautiful work.

I just love their faces during the vows.


Wow. Love her dress, her funky headpiece, amazing shoes and your stunning outdoor portraits. Looks like such a fun day!

Gavin Farrington

Love the moment where the bride is laughing and being kissed on the forehead. Amazing shot.

I love EVERYTHING this couple did! The dress, the bouquet, getting ready together! Its all so awesome… and seriously, farm animals!?!? Killer work Dennis, I think this is my favorite wedding you’ve shot.

Jessica Schilling

Oh wow! The bride’s style is amazing and you captured so many great moments! And a tiny cute piglet? Best ever!

Mohonk Mountain House Wedding – Chad & Sara

CS 0110

One of the many things I love about what I do is the places I get to go.  Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY is one of my favorite places.  It’s probably the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen, along with 50+ miles of hiking trails, the possibilities are endless.   Chad & Sara certainly agreed with me, and they took full advantage of Mohonk.  I love when my clients are completely on board with what I want to do, they were all about hiking a bit (even in a tux and a wedding dress), getting in a row boat on the lake, and to top it off, I was invited to the post reception bon fire on the shore of the lake.  Doesn’t get much better than that.


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Fabulous storytelling images, packed full of emotion and energy – looks to have been a great party!

awesome as usual dude! I love th portraits at the end after they changed, and that last frame is hilarious!

Glen Island Harbor Club Wedding – Tim & Keri-Ann

TK 0145Ever have one of those days where the planets seem to align and everything just seems to work out perfectly?  Well that was Tim & Keri-Ann’s wedding.  Right down to the light that we had during portraits after their reception.  The only hiccup was when I took 5 minutes too long taking photos before the ceremony and the venue sent park rangers to go look for us (we were right where I said we’d be and took exactly as long as I said we would)  I drove away from this wedding with a huge smile on my face.


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That dress is a frothy chunk of perfection and she looks stunning in it! Gorgeous work!!

Dude….these are crazy. That last one blows my mind.


The whole wedding is amaze but the last few frames…so beautiful. Wonderful use of the light and location!

Heather Kanillopoolos

LOVE your use of shadows. AWESOME work!

looks like a great party, and I’ve been to a lot of wedding and never seen a dress like that one before. Good work.


Dude. Dennis. That first shot = whoa. The entire post = freaking art, man.

Yesss! These are ALL AMAZING!

Oh Dennis, I am in LOVE with this set. You KILLED it from start to finish man…completely!!

So in love with your black and whites. They are absolute perfection.

Whoa! The entire post is amazing but those portraits at the end are especially incredible! I love all of them, the portrait of just her and the one of them holding hands are my favorite!

Nu Cavu Wedding – Joe & Katie

JK 0141

When Katie first contacted me and told me their wedding would be at a restaurant /airfield, I was already 100% on board.  After I met Joe & Katie, I was even more on board, sometimes, you just know a couple is a perfect fit immediately.  They were.  Their wedding was better than I could have possibly expected.  Everything about it, I just loved.  Enjoy!

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What a wedding! I can see why it means so much to you. And to them too I’m 100% sure! Well done!!

Great portraits, great talent Dennis, great skills!

loved the dramatic lighting in the prep shots, dennis.

The fireworks are amazing! Great work, the lazy loader is killing me though trying to view them all.

Really strong work Dennis, I love your dark portraits

That first image blows my mind! Epic work DP!

I’m in love with those getting ready shots.

The fireworks! Amazing! Love!

So lovely. I especially adore the shot of her walking down the aisle from behind. Perfect shot!

Awesome stuff man, that sparkler shot is beyond cool. Also, the father of the bride totally looks like Abe Lincoln, which is great.

Awesome use of light. Great looking wedding!

YES! So much yes! I love the simplicity of the first kiss… and FIRE!! I think my favorite of them all is the black and white of the bride facing away and holding her shoes, that frame has so much impact.

M o r e   i n f o